Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can't believe I'm posting about Gaga

I can't believe I'm posting about Lady Gaga. I don't say that with malicious tone, I dance to bad romance and live for some of the looks. I just don't think there's much to say that hasn't been already said a million times....except maybe this. Is it just me or in the MAC ad does Gaga's face look like Pamela Anderson's and Cyndi Lauper's sorta looks like Bette Midler's??....4 gay icons for the price of two!!
BTW 1. The ad is styled by one of my fave stylists Patti Wilson (She was the one who styled Daphne Guiness for that sick Italian Vogue shoot last year) and 2. The hooded bathing suit in the ad was made for the shoot by Mack Dugan ( My ramen noodle buddy of the post below)...That's all folks!


  1. You were wonderful at the Paper nightlife party. Was too nervous to introduce myself

  2. Why thanx kind sir! You should have come said hello...the bondage outfit might have looked scary but I don't bite!! next time...xx :)