Friday, December 18, 2009

Reindeers & Horses

Ladyfag, Cator Sparks, Daphne Guinness

Luckily Daphne Guinness did not wear her Mcqueen Armadillo shoes last night. I'd hate to have to roll a bitch so close to Christmas and in front of Santa. (Just being cheeky, she's very sweet and looked beautiful in her floor length kimono and anyways her feet are to small for me to mop em!!) Last night's Chandelier Creative's X-mas party was good festive fun. In between the full live gospel choir, my handsome Frenchie friend Alex Malgouyers provided the beats and the buff near naked bartenders provided the butts. I asked Santa if I could have the horse lamp in the front room....I mean you gotta feed the horse... ;) Santa knew right then I was too naughty all year to deserve a $6500 lamp (Designed by Front for Mooi) I would've posted more pics but let's just say the eggnog was spiked and by the end of the night none of us could even look Santa in the eye.

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