Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eskimo Cuntasia

I was born and raised in Toronto and upon visiting family friends in NYC when quite young, I remember their kids asking me what it was like to live in an igloo. Slightly appalled by their ignorance and a smart ass since birth, I told them that while we personally don't live in them we do walk in snow shoes and are friends with alot of Eskimo's. Much like Lesbians the Inuit do not like being called fish eaters, but Inuit just sounds so didactic while Eskimo conjures up sweet images of cute parka clad smooches. I don't feel so bad after discovering the much more politically incorrectly named "Slanties" a brand of sunglasses geared towards hipsters but based on ancient Inuit goggles that helped prevent snow blindness. Available on their website for $75 with choice of 3 sizes, strap and wood type. Finally you get to see see through Sarah Palin's eyes. Alaska...isn't that where people live in igloos?

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