Thursday, December 10, 2009

Future Face of Nightlife

My Dad told me to get into the funeral business, everybody's gotta kick the bucket someday. Daddyfag has a point but on the same token Nightlife will never die. While it has it's high and lows and is in constant mutation it will never go away and the city that never sleeps will make sure of that. Nightlife is not your local bar. An entity to its on that goes far beyond the fact that alcohol is served there. A meeting point for creativity if you'll allow. As long as there is a love of fashion, music, dance, performance and art there will be nightlife. Paper Magazine has always had their finger on the outsider pulse, their pages celebrating what in NY we call "downtown" as though the word was an adjective. For the fifth year they have thrown the Nightlife Awards, and I'm honoured to say that I won for the "Future Face Of Nightlife". My friend Amanada Lepore presented the award to me, joking that in the future she'll look exactly the same. Those are some big stiletto's to fill...But I'm willing to try and walk in them because I truly love what I do and I really love this city. So thank you Paper Magazine, thank you New York, thank you all of our future....xo

Paper Nightlife Award Pics

Ladyfag's makeup by Danilo Oomo and hair by Brian Buenaventura.

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  1. Thank you LadyFag for being so fierce! I love dancing with you on Sundays and wherever else I see you! You always look so incredible, like something from the future... so it kinda puts more emphasis on the "Future" in the "Future Face of Nightlife"

    work bitch!