Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Lacroix darling.

Casey Spooner, Jerome Puch, Ladyfag

Ladyfag and Alex Malgouyers

Look at my face, it looks like I'm gonna poop my pants I want it so bad. Those earrings were so major, They actually had to be put on with a ribbon across the head and perched they were so heavy. Gorgina!

Just like the pouf he made famous...pouf he's gone. Recently Christian Lacroix an icon of Paris couture filed for bankruptcy and while I had my fingers crossed throughout, he failed to find a backer and it brings a tear to my eye to say it but he is now rendered a licensed name for perfumes and accessories. One of the few staunch uncompromising believers in the true art of couture is no longer. I was lucky enough to attend his last spring couture show in Paris, invited by my dear friend Jerome Puch who was head of communications at Lacroix. When I told him I was going to wear this chic outfit that happened to not include pants. He looked at me and sighed and said Lady I'm sure it's chic conasse but this is not ready to wear.... this is COUTURE.... He said it with a quiet passionate plea as though the very word couture itself was sacred. I can practically here Eddie chiming in "It's Lacroix darling....LACROIX!" For once even abfab can't make me laugh.

Ladyfag is wearing custom piece: Jose Duran,
skirt: Herve Leger, shoes: Burberry

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  1. Isnt it blasphemy? LaCroix couldnt find backing, unfuckingbelievable. Tears.