Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just a regular ole Sunday night....

Will I become the next Susan Lucci?...Tonight is the 11th annual Glammy awards in NYC...The Gay Grammy's for Nightlife if you will, and I was nominated in the same 2 categories as last year (which i lost! but hey that's cool..) I was nominated for "Best Host" and for Best Dressed ... Sadly I won't be able to attend since as one does in Nightlife....I have parties to throw!! I'll be at 747 during the Glammy's and then tonight is a big one at Vandam since it's our 1 year anniversary and also my basement sidekick Desi Monster's last night. Desi is an old school club kid from the days when they were actually called club kids and is now Desi Santiago and an art superstar, proud of you Desi and I'll miss you by my side each week.


  1. wait a minute.... Desi's not coming back to Vandam?! :-( So that means the Spank party in BK was the last I'll see of him? :-( :-( his energy is SO through the roof AND SO DAMN SEXY!

    there was a HUGE hole this past sunday (12-13) and I wondered where he was...

  2. I know my sexy sidekick....sigh...while he can never be replaced I will be getting a new sidekick very be continued.