Friday, December 4, 2009

Let them eat cake.

Mr. Black is the NY nightclub that is one of my second homes.... I've been hosting parties at Mr. Black since before the overhyped drug bust which seems to be one of the things we're most infamous for. What triumphs over scandal and the reason you love us, is we're a dark dirty dance den where the music is good, the people are better and anything can happen. We're a dysfunctional family of sorts, and our pseudo patriarch is Stuart Black also known Mr. Black and whose birthday it is tonight....Unlike Coco Chanel, and in a hissy fit of irony, Mr. Black once stammered at me "I HATE IT WHEN YOU WEAR ALL BLACK!" ...Mr. Black I will not let you live that down....Maybe you were there for the infamous cake fight last year....if so you know to wear all white'll match the frosting.

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