Friday, December 4, 2009

OMQ....Oh McQueen!

Speaking of shoes, which I do often, I had a bit of a footwear faggout at the V magazine shoot I did last week. They put me in those awful Miu Miu's with cats all over them. While I actually quite loved that collection, I'm not a fan of those shoes which are not remotely my style. My friend Yadim was the make up artist on set and saw me making faces of disgust at the choice of footwear and made me laugh when he pointed out that he thought I'd be so happy with all that pussy lapping at my feet. The whole thing was just an extra slap in my perfectly beat face (Thanks Yadim, you turned me out!) considering the shoes of all shoes were sitting right there....yes the McQueen's. Love or hate the Armadillo's, they definatly sing let's give em something to talk about with every step. (Did I really just quote Bonnie Rait?....this blog might turn out to be quite the embarassment to myself) Like scupltures for your feet, every step you take is reminiscent of a horse's hooves gracefully galloping. I want them.... Am I gonna spend $8000 on them.... Nope. While it wouldn't be the first time I dropped a couple months rent on shoes, there has to be a limit, and that exceeds mine. It almost makes buying the $3,687.75 Rodarte's seem as guilt free as 100 calorie Kosy Shack pudding.....almost.

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