Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ramen Monday's on Tuesday.

Suicide Monday. After a whole weekend of dancing, drinking, debauchery and lack of sleep, I take Monday's off to recharge the Energizer bunny that is this living party on heels. Since the chill began me and my good friend Mack Dugan have renamed it Ramenday's AKA Ramen Monday where each week we try a new Ramen joint. I know it's Tuesday, let's just say this past Sunday was really boisterous and Suicide Monday dragged on a little longer than usual!
Walking past Momofuku the Queen Mother of NY Ramen I was glad I didn't have to stand ouside and wait with everyone for a $16 bowl of Ramen. We walked right passed and down to 10th St. where I was about to try Rai Rai Ken. Even from the outside I knew it was love. It's true...I'm an aesthtics romantic. I want wherever I am and whatever I'm doing to having a whole feeling to it. I went to Paris wearing a jaunty mini straw boater and sat on cafe patios chain smoking with endless cups of cafe au lait. I watched Fiddler on the Roof at home alone and still felt the need to go change into a babushka. I would rather eat good food in great atmosphere than great food in good atmosphere. Luckily Rai Rai Ken is both. When I say great atmosphere I don't mean Momofuku's slickness, I love Rai Rai's authentic homey if slightly hole in the wall appeal. Small and insanely narrow with a long counter that holds 15 sardine tight, they quickly passed me a big steaming bowl of tasty noodle filled miso Ramen. Although totally stuffed I convinced Macky we should go have our favourite cookies at hipster dessert bar Milk. While savouring every bite of those little bombs of butter we remembered it's actually owned by the Momofuku empire. I had gone over to the dark side and the empire had striked again....But remember, the force will always be with Rai Rai Ken.

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