Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm a magazine junkie. Sadly it's getting harder to get my fix. Print magazines are slowly becoming a rare breed. At 55 years old I.D. magazine the oldest design mag in the biz is flipping its last page next month. Their annual design review which is the biggest and longest running design contest in the U.S. will be kept going on line. I enjoy reading blogs and online magazines, I might have a whole world of information at the tip of my manicured fingertips...but it does not come close to replacing real print. Blow up dolls will never replace real lovers and my computer will stay at my desk. When I go to bed I love to flip through pages over and over again ripping out my favourite pics, I have boxes of clippings and years worth of my cherished issues. While I admit at times I'm guilty of free flipping at the book store nothing beats the mornings they come delivered to my doorstep (except for Nylon magazine, why didn't anyone tell me it's for teenagers from L.A before I subscribed?!) . So this X-mas turn your friend's into junkies too. Cheaper than crack, magazine subscriptions are an addictive gift that keep on giving.


  1. Oh Thank God! For a moment I thought that you meant I-D magazine. Whew.
    Back in the 80s this partially recovered New Romantic, trapped in the wrong country, LIVED through the pages of I-D. The Bibles that were The Face, The East Village Eye, Details(the REAL Details) have all gone the way of my youth so I wait on baited breath for my monthy I-D fix. Paper, praise Jeebus, is still going strong and now there's V, but I do miss lunching over the latest news from the lands that time did not forget.

  2. I do mean ID magazine, but it's ID the design magazine. So good, so gone,so sad...

  3. and yes that's a fake cover me and my roomie dreamed up to encourage people to go out and subscribe to magazines....and while you're all at it subscribe to my's free! ;)