Sunday, December 20, 2009

Russian Gypsy Snow Queens

Tonight we had our first snowfall and like most things NY we decided to go big! Not satisfied with a little flurry we had a full beautiful blizzard. I felt like I was walking in a snowglobe, with snowflakes blowing everywhere and the whole city covered in a blanket of white magic. It was like the storybook snow that fell all over the runway for John Galliano's winter 2009 show. It's one of my favourite shows, so inspired by tonight I just rewatched it on youtube and sighed throughout. If only tomorrow I'd wake up and Russian gypsy snow queens had taken over NY, instead tomorrow it'll probably all have turned to brown slush and NY will have been taken over yet again with girls in their gross Uggboots. So much for fairytale endings...


  1. Frozen Ukranian Brides was actually the exact words used by John.....just an FYI

  2. I watched the video of Galliano explaining the cpllection. But in my imagination they're still Russian Gypsy Snow Queens! :)