Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vogue...not the magazine.

Vogue is a magazine. Voguing, is what kids on the Christopher St. Piers do while turning "walking the runway" into something that Vogue could never capture. Paris Is Burning is the famous documentary capturing the voguing balls of Harlem way before Madonna made it popular and when Vogue Evolution was still in diapers. This past weekend I volunteered at The Harvey Milk School for GLBTQ youth most of whom have transferred due to harrasment or violence at their schools or homes. They have voguing competitions in their cafeteria and once a year they hold a big ball to which I was asked to be one of the judges. These kids threw down literally! Taking their fashionable cues from the Paris houses they named themselves after, the Houses of McQueen ,Gaultier and Pucci turned it out. I couldn't take photos since many of these kids are not publicly out yet but let's just say Madonna ain't got nothing on these young Queens!

Videos of suicide dips and battles are usually the ones to watch but I've always gagged on Javier Ninja's New Way Voguing Hands Performance....Cuntasia!

If you don't know the difference between kiki and kai kai maybe this vintage LALA will help or maybe it will just have you scratching your mussy in confusion, werk!

Ladyfag's Little LALALA'S #33
For someone who prides herself on being able to talk to anyone she's having an awful hard time communicating up here in Canada...Apparently my use of the word CUNT is causing all sorts of confusion up North. I guess I didn't realize how fluent my QUEEN'S ENGLISH had become....Now I may know the difference between CUNT and CUNTY but my bafflement lies more in the term GIVING CUNT. For example you walk into a club and see a girl FULLY PRESSED,PUMPING A LOOK, and just general REALNESS while perching on the bar, head held high, completely UNBOTHERED and GIVING know most of the boys will be walking by her wagging their faggot finger and exclaiming WERK BITCH!!!...why?....cause she is GIVING YOU CUNT!!! Now examples aside, clearly CUNT is the ultimate in FIERCENESS and you SERVE IT like it's gods given gift...Strangely enough whenever I undress and show my gods given gift of cunt to any faggot they run like it ain't a gift at all....TRUST! Not everyone always agrees on meanings, but I think it's generally agreed that MOPPING is stealing. I however beg to differ.... Madonna expropriating VOGUING and making it a video.... now that's MOPPING...all the money she made off it while the kids who really TURN IT make none off that's stealing!....Which brings me to THROWING SHADE....Now you don't have to know the difference between TANJEE and BANJEE to know that they're both SHADY....but only one will CUT YOUR FACE...and neither will BEAT YOUR FACE, since that has nothing to do with Ike and Tina but more to do with you and Estee Lauder. Just be careful if anyone's COMING FOR YOU cause they ain't there to pick you up, they're their to READ you, and you can best be sure that it ain't on any bestseller's list. Now don't be asking me to SPILL THE T, even though we all know I know where the PNP is,but I am busy GIVING SHOWS....and anyways....this CATEGORY IS CLOSED!

Besos Y Brujas,

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  1. JAVIER NINJA is the best Voguer on the planet. THIS planet that is.

    Check my post regarding Javier - 10/2008