Saturday, January 30, 2010


The heavy influx of street style photo blogging has caused the outside of fashion shows to become runways of their own. While Bill Cunningham will always be the pioneer of real NY street fashion, the sartorialist and Jak and Jil blog also fuel my procrastination. It also helps me keep in touch with what my friend Catherine Baba is up to, since the woman is the embodiment of chicness and constantly photographed. My faves are the ones of her riding her bike around Paris cause the only thing chicer than a well dressed woman is a well dressed woman riding an old fashioned bicycle! I wrote a little article about her for Paper Mag when I was hanging out with her last year. When I saw her sometime later she mentioned she had read it and said "Jaaaaa'dore! Darling, you made me fall in love with me!" Now it's your turn....CLICK HERE and behold The Baba!

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