Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bad girls on tour.

Michael Magnan happens to be the fiercest DJ in NY right now. I'm aware that's a big statement and I stand behind it not because he's a dear friend,( lots of my friends are extremely talented dj's), I say it cause it's true. He turns the Sunday dungeoun at Vandam into something haven't seen since the infamous Happy Valley basement when I first arrived to NY. We turned out Miami and Paris together and recently threw shows in Washington....Here's the unglamorous truth of what happens in our hotel rooms. CLICK IT!
We moved from cafe to cafe in Paris alternating between cafe au lait's and bottles of wine...
Giving Parisian street realness with the ever chic conasse Catherine Baba.
We turned out cheesy gay dancefloors in Miami and then watched sunsets together from the hottub overlookin the water...ahhh the love!!

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