Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Subversion in the Hamptons

Congratulations to my pal Justin Giunta who was just appointed jewelry design director for Tory Burch. While personally Tory Burch makes me want to go to the Hamptons and piss in rich boring white women's prozac laced diet cocktails, I think Justin is an amazing artist and now after all the years of cache he finally gets the cash. Lucky for us, Justin will still be working on his own fantastic jewelry line Subversive Jewelry. Brava!Not only do I love all things with old fashioned roses but this piece is called "Spanish Goth" which basically sums up my looks at least once a week. Because most have us have had more than one true love before. Now you can have a locket for each of them.... Consider it a little Black Book for around your neck.

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