Thursday, January 28, 2010


"The details are not the details, they make the product" Charles Eames.
That's one of my favourite quotes ever and I use it as a personal mantra. Product is not always something that you buy. It can apply to every medium and stands for much that I do and something I truly value. I am much more than the sum of my parts but all the little parts, from the ribbon I tie in my hair, to the little sparkles I apply to my eyes, to the way I place the pillows on my bed and the way I arrange food on my plate is what makes me me. I'm a details kind of girl. It's couture week... and it's all about the details. (where I lifted these images from) and a few other "authorites" on fashion gave Gaultier a hohum review. So I'm only posting Gaultier pics because I wholeheartdly disagree and want to celebrate the collection. I loved every over the top look, especially since this collection with all it's braid filled, excessively jewelled glory, and Mexican meets Avatar influence is right up my callejón! Couture is about the craftmanship of how it's made, and so while it does not have to be over the top (Valentino's modern re-invention of itself is wearable, I love it and me and Macky just spent an hour dissecting it together on the phone but it's not L3LF blog worthy to post.) I like my couture to be fantasy and it is fantasy regardless because every piece is made like a little piece of art that most of the world could never afford. Gaultier was the first couture show I ever saw and I remember being in near tears of awe, I felt the same way even while sadly having to see it through a computer.

The last look reminds me of the lady in the painting hanging on my wall at home.I don't need a monogrammed bag or a T-shirt emblazonned with some rich designers name across it. Couture is an artform and is what I love about fashion. If you feel like procrastinating anymore the Givenchy show was another winner in my books. Don't bother with Chanel, while yes I am a Chanel fan and I can appreciate the beautiful couture craftmanship. The embellishments, the beading, the fabrics and the classic well tailored cuts, let's be's fucking boring granny wear with a twist. No thanks! I also don't like dictaors. I appreciate Lagrfeld's all white and silver collection. But when he proclaimed gold is out. I not only had to disagree, but I had to laugh and I decided to go out that night wearing, what else?... gold! I even shimmered my entire face in golden dust...even "my beat" followed it's own drum!Yeah I know it's black and white but trust me it shined like a golden Oscar statue!

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  1. hhahah you darn right!! i would ve done the same i hate to follow the rules of what's 'in' !!!