Thursday, January 21, 2010

The elephant and the ant

The other night I was with talking with one of my dear friends and fellow creatures of the night when she complained that her new boyfriend's architecture was of an insane magnitude and she just can't make it fit. He explained that he knows pussy's that weren't actually born as such need a little extra help and offered advice that I can't really print on here lest this blog be mistaken for P-la(d)y-boy, but let's just say there's numbing cream involved and leave it at that. My favourite part of the story is that he then looked at her tenderly and said "Don't worry....with a little patience even an elephant can fuck an ant" I'm speechless.

Judith Leiber crystal embedded Ganesh clutch. Stick your dollars in a deity. $5,595 at net-a-porter.

The picture of the pretty painted ants is from a NY Times story about doing research on individual insects in colonies.

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