Friday, January 1, 2010

The good the bad and the questionable...

You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there ya have, the facts of life, the facts of life....It's the end of a decade and in 2 years it will be the end of the world if you bothered to see that sort of Hollywood schlock this year. The new decade began to seem like a modern day Jetsons, although the remake would have to be a reality show since that's all people seem to watch these days. We Twitter our bowel movements, talking on the phone now requires make up thanks to Skype, like many this year I learnt my ex-lover was dishonest via facebook, and what the hell is Grinder? 10 years into the millenium and I'm turning into my grandmother who used to watch microwave popcorn pop in fascination. Good bye dear decade, I would pay you homage but I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast so for now let's just take a look at the year past. Not a best of list, nor the worst, just a bit of what I remember I liked and didn't and some things I'm not quite sure of yet, cause like Chastity Bono proved this year... sometimes life is a bit of both.
The Mcqueen armadillos...the shoes that made me start blogging.
Almodovar does it once again!
Sin Nombre was a rough but must see ride.

Jay-z and Ms. Keys reminded us why we pay too much to live in a shoebox.
Florence lived up to her hype and took all that's beautiful and timeless about Kate Bush and added some twisted sinister lyrics that pack a punk rock style punch all wrapped up in killer fashion.
La Roux came "In for the Kill" with an album you can sing along and dance too and reminded me that I can love synthesizers as much as I loved her perfectly pompadoured coif.
But the year really belonged to The Gossip who blew everyone away with tracks that became dancefloor anthems that could start a revolution and Beth Ditto proved that not only Kate Moss's body can rock!
Then along comes a reality star who think's she's a pop star....and shamefully you let her believe she was.
Beth Ditto making the cover of Love was part of the it's ok to have curve campaigns of the year. Paris Vogue did an entire issue of beautiful Bardot like Lara Stone the "fat" model, the only thing is that, well...she's skinny!
In the fashionable environmental campaign, the tirelessly terrific eco-crusader Vivienne Westwood's collaborated on T-shirts to raise awareness about global deforestation.

Topshop finally made it to our city and in theory made it easier to be fashionable on a budget. What really ended up happening is that I blew more bucks but have a lot more pieces to show for it....and a lot more blisters on my feet.
It was collaboration frenzy and just speaking of Topshop they are the reigning queens of collaborations with Christopher Kane's being one of the best. Sonia Rykiel became bed buddies with H&M for the lingerie collection, Jil Sander sold out at Uniqlo, Rodarte did Target, and even stiletto stud Jimmy Choo got on board, but sadly most of the choo's looked cheap if you got to close.
The cringe worthy collaboration came from Ms. Lohan who is like the queef of death to everything she seems to touch.Take your legginged legs out of Paris and back to your unfashionable tribe in L.A.... Lindsay Lohan at Ungaro? what's next Jersey Shore's Snookie for Balenciaga.
Me and my feet are thankful for the high platforms that be came de rigueur this year. They give you all the height but still allow you to bust crazy dance moves...If you've seen some of my floor shows you'll understand how I accidentally turned my YSL's into the Nina Ricci's I coveted. (for the record I still managed to host an entire party on one foot!)
If you're following my blog I don't need to reiterate all my fave footwear of the season nor do I need to mention how much I hate the uggly uggs. I thought the trend would finally die this year no thanks to Louis Vuitton who sent these vile green ones down the runway with furry moustaches....double queef. Riccardo Tisci made my swoon.... Givenchy.
Then Alexander McQueen made me cum...
Lanvin had some of the most beautiful ready to wear collections all year and also put out amazing ads with one of my fave 90's models Kristen Mcmenamy. Pussy included.
Not to be outdone in the pussy department Chanel had a beautiful fall campaign with lezzie undertones.
Then the bible thumpers tried to combat anything of that nature with an ugly campaign of their own called Proposition 8.
The right won on Prop 8 but then the Left won when we chose Tina Fey's campaign over Palin's.
Luckily the most important campaign of the year brought us hope for the future with President Obama and a new Jackie O to admire with Michelle.
Then Lady Gaga became more famous then the First Lady and the president combined, and no one who dresses up was safe to wear a look without being called Gaga. (not hating on her, just saying!)
Then the man who invented modern day pop royalty left us, and one of my childhood heroes was gone.
By last year Michael Jackson had already lost part of his face and then in 09 a woman lost her whole face to a ravenous chimpanzee.
Many were getting busy trying to bounce back from the swine flu and I was busy bouncing back from a broken heart. It's a New Year and my heart has since healed, now all that's left to figure out is how to get those armadillo shoes....