Friday, January 8, 2010

The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

My roommate came home with a complaint that he was showing Martha Plimpton (remember her and River Phoenix's young love affair....sigh) my blog and that there was not enough Lady on the Lalala Ladyfag here ya go, a bunch of LADYFAG LOOKS...The good, the bad, and yes...the ugly.

Don't mess with me boyz!
The infamous hair dress. I've worn her a few times.... each as unbeweavable as the other...
No tocas mis hombres ni mi Sharpie pendejo!
The garden of good and evil
Rare footage from the director's cut of Matador by Almodovar.
I wanted to marry my hairdresser for this one!
A beret, a baguette and the Eiffel tour behind me....Can't get more French then that!
Everyone looks chicer when sitting at a cafe in Paris.
Self styled for a Paper Magazine shoot.
Joan Crawford meets Grace Jones.
Just missing the autograph before being mounted on the restaurant of an oldie Italian restaurant
Don't be fooled by the fags that I got, I'm still, I'm still Lady from the block.
And when I say block....Obviously I'm referring to 14th st. back in the days!
Tsarina Ladyfag Stolichnaya IV
Long lost member of the Shagri-la's.
Dior Disco Hillbilly.
St. Patty's Day!
Svedka Robot
Westwood meets Barnum & Bailey's.
Menage a trois sunglasses.
I've just gotta find the secret tunnel behind one of these bricks...The Gareth Pugh for Alcatraz collection.
Tropical Olivier Zahm.
Look close, no it's not a scarf, nor a weave, but did require an entire box of special bobby pins from Paris and a fierce hairdresser to match!
Records on the head and bones on the legs are always chic.
Peachy Mummy
Would you like some strudel with your hingenboygenflugen?
Perfectly perched to suspension mid-air
My Bloody Valentine...
Vegetarian nudness.
Olé...except I was actually in Paris not inSpain.
Dynasty meets disco.
Coming out of the club after sunrise. Thank god for my "Assume Vivid Astro Focus" mask to hide what needs to stay hidden !
My Halloween lesbian costume. Complete with plastic snap on safety finger tips and constant cunnilingus plaster head model.
Yes I had two Halloween costumes, but this one killed it...Ladyfag as Ladyfag's armpit!!!


  1. and my opinion is that gaga imitated your stee-lo.. and not the other way around, as majority of americans would say.

  2. Totally agree with xxricioxx! The Halloween lesbian costume was cuntastic! LOL!