Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Midnight train to Georgia

Georgia the state, has sweet peaches. Georgia the country, has blood red pomegranates and beautiful traditional costume to match the deep colour of the fruit. Lucky for that little boy he has a video camera on to record evidence. Otherwise I might mug him in a back alley for his outfit. They also have a newspaper article written about NYC nightlife with a little featurette on me and my parties. Maybe I should do a party in Georgia?....they can just pay me in costumes!
Thanks to Gio Cipriani for the newspaper pic!


  1. I would LOOOOOVE to go with you !!!

  2. The color of Pomegranates aka Sayat Nova is a beautiful movie by Serguei Parajanov.
    One actor played all main characters (male and female).
    Must see it if you haven't yet.
    Maybe you'll get inspired by it.

    Malady of elegance...you have it!