Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Eve....Evidence

It's almost midway through the first month of the New Year which means you've probably already forgotten about New Years Eve and probably already broken your resolutions. Here's a little peak at mine...New Years began as it should....chilling out with good friends, good food, and good champagne! Me and my roommate Jason headed over to two of my dearest friends and super couple Drew Elliot and Mack Dugan's house for an early eve soiree. The night had just begun and my roomie forgot to start snapping pics of everyone...he did of course take some of the decor. God damn gays.Drew is a fabulous Martha Stewart type hostess who is contemplating beginning a blog on cool cleaning products. God damn gays. Drew's pride and joy his amazing antique honeycomb deco cigarette holder he bought in Berlin Then we headed over to Tribeca Grand where I was helping the Misshapes and crew host their New Years shindig. The replica Times Square ball drop came down the sky-high atrium and hit the bottom causing a 2010 to light up and gold confetti to pour down. All the beauty of Times Square without the crappy crowds of tourists. The first thing I did in 2010 was make my roomate cry. Actually I didn't he was just putting on dramatics for effect. God damn gays. Porkpie sporting Tommy Saleh, the Tribeca Grand King pin. With co-host photographer Jeremy Kost.
With DJ Spencer product and co-host Sophia Lamar Ms. Melissa Burns giving glamourpuss The ever lovely Kate Lanphear. Who wore it best?....Ladyfag vs. the Scottish dude
Me with a cocktail in my hand?! Well I never...Can't a girl piss in peace?!At least he held my skirt for me...around his neck...I guess we know who wears the pants in this family! Wait a minute, then who's taking the picture?... 2 faggots, one faceless photographer, one do the math... Happy New Year!

PS. When I asked my roommate about some of the incriminating content of this post, he assured me that I should never write anything that they wouldn't do in AbFab...that's how I will henceforth gauge what is appropriate behaviour on this blog. God damn gays.

Ladyfag slowly began unrobing at the party throughout the night. She began wearing her staple Pat Field bathing suit, dress by Jose Duran, belt by Acne, skirt designed by Ladyfag and custom made by Garo Sparo, shoes YSL

Photos by Jason Rodgers.

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