Monday, January 4, 2010

Paper Mag Video

Here's a little video made by Paper Magazine of the Nightlife Awards. Click here. They snagged me for a quick interview right after I came off stage from winning "Future Face of Nightlife". Thanks Luigi Tadini for your sweet words, you're one dapper dan!....The strangest part of the video has to be when Sophia Lamar my favourite queen of mean is being saccharine sweet and says she hopes everyone wins...Someone must of slipped something in her drink! This coming from a woman whose new years resolution was to not be nice to people she doesn't like just because they're friends of her friends. Yikes!
I'm a big fan of the The Drums and their performance was a smashing end to the awards show. Check them out, trust me everyone else is!
Photo of The Drums by Hedi Slimane
Gotta love Sophia and her dark black heart.

Click Here for Michael Musto's commentary....he called them my "nibbly bits"...gross!

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