Monday, January 25, 2010

What did you just call me?!

"How many faggots you have in your pussy?" Excuse me?!!! ummm there's nothing in my pussy right now, thanks for asking. That was the first thing Jun Nakayama asked me when I met her, and I couldn't help but think something was lost in translation. She then proceeded to tell me that since she moved to America she's had 5 faggots in her pussy. Jun is as they say" Big in Japan". No really she is. NYC club kid, Heatherette muse, a total sweetheart, and proud self proclaimed faghag. I love that she embraces it, it works for her, and for better or for worse she truly is the epitome of a faghag. Yes, Sadly, she falls in love with gay men hoping they do the same with her. Me and Jun do not have that in common. I live in a world full of fags but I don't sleep with them (well, rarely...) and have no desire too. I leave that honour to the faghags. (oh and don't be calling me bisexual eitherCLICK HERE if you haven't heard my LALALA about that one yet!) I too often hear propositions that begin with "I'm gay, but...." So after a full eye roll no matter what time of the month, I usually pull a tampon out of my purse, ask them for help and then watch them run!

Here's Jackie Beat's hilarious video message to clueless straight girls.

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