Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashion Week

I would have loved to have been invited to Marc Jacobs and Rodarte, but alas I was not! Been running to a few shows here and there but in true Ladyfag style I just go the afterparties! When the weeks over I'll give a little rundown on some of my favourite shows, but In the meantime here's a few pics of me at some shows. At the Tim Hamilton presentation, where I thought the army boots we're amazing. They had little shards of what look like glass glued all over and then painted black. The pic is sorta major since I pulled it off of the Japan Vogue website and they even linked it to my little blog...CuntASIA realness!! This pic is also from that show but it came from Diane Pernet's Shaded View Quite appropriate since my head wrap has a very Diane sorta air to it. Here's a pic Bryanboy snapped of me and Henry Holland. Baboosh as he would say! Henry if you're reading this I loved the boots but they are all sold out at Seven. A shameless hint. The boots are actually Atalanta Weller for House of Holland. Check out her other ones HERE, They're so sick! Here's a pic of me and JoJo of The Ones. Remember the song Absolutely Flawless...yup that's them. He was doing a McQueen inspired lip tribute which I had done a version of a few months ago.
There's me in the car trying to get to the Camilla Staerk show, but my hair, hat, ribbon configuration didn't quite fit in the car. My poor neck. That's the back of my Kimono, I love all the embroidery. Blogger meets blogger. The infamous Tavi. I went to say hello and to do a pic together but right away she just wanted pictures of my headpiece....She's got a fashion focused one track mind! She's really sweet to talk to, although I wish we were sitting down to rid us of the laughable height issues. The pic is from Garbage Dress which is a great blog by the amazing Zana.
Fashion week continues, I gotta go run and get dressed. Being fashionably late is one thing but I've missed a few shows cause The Florence and the Machine has been blasting and I lose all sense of time and get lost playing with all the conflama in my dressing room.


  1. wow I feel as if im there with you love how your walk us thru everything thats AMAZING:)


  2. I'm sure you'll be invited soon ;)
    Henry rocks!

  3. yay so glad you have a blog! love your style! x

  4. fucking love your kimono, and the head wrap looks good too, such height!