Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodbye McQueen

Like most bloggers, the first post I ever wrote was an introduction and a narration of the question running through my head of why blog in the first place? The last line of mine said..."I'm gonna see where the yellow blog road takes me and just like Dorothy I'm gonna do it all in a wonderful pair of shoes" cause that's the only thing I was sure of. My first real post was called OMQ.....Oh McQueen! My blog began in part because of the Alexander McQueen's armadillo shoes that I repeatedly talk about. I recently did a shoot for the NY times and they asked me if I could wear any one designer who would I want and without missing a beat I said McQueen, and so I wore McQueen. Over the years I've watched shows and cried at it's beauty or it's genius. Now I type this too with tears. Alexander McQueen killed himself today. May you rest in peace, while we keep your legacy alive.


  1. I grieve with you, while my blog postings weren't about McQueen all my college fashion papers (that I could get away with) and other life musings involved something McQueen.

    Love the shoes! Always wear them in great memory of a magnificent designer that I can only envision is painting the heavens with his great paint brush.

  2. Wow, you're so lucky that you got to wear those shoes. He really made me want to study fashion, and hope that someday I could be revolutionary as well.