Saturday, February 27, 2010

Highbrow Cuntasia

When I was little there was a boy who used to call me Gargamel because of my plethora of eyebrows. Like most kids all I wanted was to belong and be picked for the cool team in gym class. Good thing I no longer have any interest in sports or fitting in, I now often paint my eyebrows in to make them seem even fuller. Every once in a while in the rushing frenzy of a photoshoot I hesitantly allow the groomers to convince me to bleach em and clip the wings. I did that yesterday but have nothing to fret now that Prada has these sick sunglasses with built in arched eyebrows....Get me a razor!! Like I didn't love them enough, they're in one of my favourtie colour combos. Black and nude makes me wet...Wait that didn't come out right... The whole collection was pretty fabulous and makes me want to be a 1960's librarian. Insert naught fantasy here.

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