Friday, February 19, 2010

I pity the fool

I pity the fool who messes with Mr. T....DJ Larry Tee that is. Larry has helped teach the supermodels of the world to WERK! while he's no Ms. Jay model walker, he did co-write Ru-Pauls top smash hit Supermodel (You better work!) He also coined and trademarked the word "electroclash", brought the world W.I.T. , and has all the gays singing about Amanda Lepore's Pussy. He also makes a mean soy cappucino so lucky for me he's my neighbour or at least he was, before he hauled ass over to London. He's in town right now so I trudged over in the snow. Saw this taco truck on the way....LIES!Me and Larry giving inflight realness on the way to Vienna....
I was lucky enough to be spoiled by Larry's beats every week when we worked together at Bank. I miss ya Larry, I'm gonna trade in our cappuccino's for a cup o' tea in london for a visit with ya soon....Innit!Over coffee he showed me his collection of new amazing glasses from Australian brand Graz.Larry wears his glasses one at a time, I on the other hand can't always decide so I go for more of a menage a trois des lunettes.

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