Saturday, February 27, 2010

Meanwhile back at the morgue...

Apologies for lack of bloggage lately but all week was photoshoot madness back at the morgue! Did I mention I live in a former mortuary? Full service in fact. In the basement there is still a woodshop except they no longer make coffins, and the only thing on view in the viewing rooms nowadays is me and my roomie. It also allows for great photoshoots since we have huge hallways that were built to allow for double gurney's....creepy cuntasia!! The pics don't come out for a while, but I'll give you guys a little sneak peek here.... Yup there's my beloved hairstylist
Brian Buenaventura ...and yes that's a vintage Mugler coat I got to wear but sadly not keep Everyone's been cursing the snowstorm that I dreamed of....the shoot was based on a tale I weaved about Snegrouchka the Russian snow maiden meeting Anastasia the last Tsarina of Russia....I needed snow and it fell....that was the only clear path, wait till you see the pics of me trudging through the snow in those 6 inch Dsquared platform sandals that were a size too small....the things we'll do for the perfect pic! This is from the shoot from earlier in the week. See how my strap is cut....Probably Brian the torturer! Brian had a great idea for a hair do that practically caused my scalp to bleed....but it looked major! In his complete defense, he warned me it was stirctly editorial and that I shouldn't go out in it after. He knew I wouldn't that good is meant to hit the town!The whole hair doesn't fit in the pic, it was at least 10 inches free standing off my head...Brian should really consider consider a career in architecture. 2 aspirins washed down with a vodka soda later and I could barely hear my scalp screaming. Off to the Oak party with Michael Magnan. Here's a little video he snapped on his phone at the end of the night when things were a little blurrier...

LATE AT NIGHT (Ladyfag) from michael magnan on Vimeo.

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  1. that looked amazing i think you have just inspired designers to have that hair do as there next theme on the run way and dont worry we know where it all started :)