Monday, February 1, 2010


I just posted A RuPaul perfume ad and was reminded by a friend of the Grace Jone's perfume commercial in Eddie Murphy's Boomerang. I'm a huge Grace fan and of late been re-watching old Eddie Murphy. He really is a bloody genius(re-watch delirious, trust!)...Remember "Coming to America"?...."your royal penis is cleaned sir"...ha! I bet that's what he tells all the tranny's!.... Here's the ad... some Grace in yo face!
Here's a little report I wrote last year for Paper Magazine when I helped host an H&M party on a yaught...Yes Grace was there!! CLICK IT!
She turned it out....and her feet were turned out courtesy of Alaia....Majora!
I promise this is the last perfume post...unless you want me to post something on the new Kardashian perfume ads you're forced to watch in the back of cabs. Who the fuck are the Kardashians anyway?! I never understood that whole thing and somehow feel I'm probably better off for it.

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