Monday, February 22, 2010

Siouxsie goes to Africa

I went to a lovely dinner party at Kehinde Wiley's house this weekend. Kehinde's large and luscious paintings depict African American men dressed in urban street wear posed in traditional European portraiture style, bordering on Renaissance with backgrounds of richly coloured painted wallpapers and tapestries.Here's these awesome shoelaces he did as part of his ongoing collaboration with Puma, also in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program. I might not seem like a shoelace laden sneaker pimp, but I am a full Adidas gurl!....A.ll D.ay I. D.ream A.bout S.ex....Yes, that is an original Adidas cap sleeve gymynastics onepiece! I love the mix of different prints and decided to use Kehinde's work as inspiration for my look for the Sunday night parties I host. Maybe I shouldn't have started listening to Siouxsie, she started to creep into my look....This is what happened....I'm wearing a Romeo Gigli scarf as as a top, tucked into a white belt from Acne with a YSL Mombasa belt hanging front. A piece of african fabric is wrapped around my head with an obi by Sohung designs keeping it in place. I wore my new mile high shoes that we're a gift by designer Hernan Lander (gracias!!!) with my favourite Dior Rasta socks. We don't have a Dior store in Toronto so years when I was still a visitor to NY I came and snatched em up! Between my heavy necklace made of bone, my arms bangled to the hilt and my wooden shoes I probably weighed more than Rosie O'Donell..... "Are you fat because you're a lesbian, or are you a lesbian because you're fat?" Marjorie Dawes of Fat Fighters to Rosie on Little Britain.

Special thanks to Marco Ovando not only for the pics of me above but for the hundreds you've taken over the years....We've had great memories, thanks for capturing them. xo


  1. OMG MISS LADY FAG! please can i be your assistant? i ll hold ur purse....your umbrella when it snows or make sure you have toilet paper when you use the public restroom!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeee!! i'm dead serious let me be your butler/assitant(or slave)!im so serious right now....just in case im shay kawai on fb or there's my email
    never know you might really holla at me!!!!i'm praying for it right now!

  2. Hey Ms. Flashy Stylista!
    Thanks for the sweet offer!! So strange cause I just did a photoshoot in the snow and my intern was stuck holding an umbrella over me so the snow wouldn't ruin my make up.(were you follwing us?!!) I read this to her and we both laughed that she could be absolved of duties but she said she's having too much fun even in the cold! ;) xo LF

  3. You are so fabulous!=))
    love your all photos)

    in Ukraine we have not such amazing person as you! =(