Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Always a Lady...

I Say Yes:My friend Alex was searching for my blog with Google and that's the pic he sent of the results. Which means that enough people have been curious enough to type that in, hoping for the answer. A while back if you just typed the word ARMPITS, I was the first image that came up. While yes, mine are pretty "special", there are about 6,810,600,000 people in the world all of whom have armpits. I guess the "specialness" of my armpits is why I often catch people staring at my neck in search for my Adam's apple only to realize I'm Eve....
Proof of the puss, from pics I did with Peter Martinez and Mecca Revlon. What?! gotta love a press release that feels the need to specify that I'm a REAL biological woman!
SOUNDTRACK:I live for them... From the synchronized moves with their one arm batwinged kaftans, to their matching Garbo eyebrows and popping lipgloss they make this Lady, feel like a Fag!


  1. just found your blog via garbagedress. love it. but more specifically, love your virgin guadelupe tank in your pussy picture, if i may call it that. was THIS close to buying a three foot tall shrine of that woman at a flea market. had to vent. ♥ your shirt!!!

  2. Thanks! I'll do a blog about Guadalupe soon. She's my patron saint!....That's actually a child's tank top I bought outside her Basilica in Mexico City. It's a cholo bad ass with his lowrider car praying for forgiveness from Guadalupe....on a kid's t-shirt?!! Que loco!!