Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Balmania insania

I've already posted my opinion on Balmain. If you want to read it do so HERE. But upon seeing that this cotton T-shirt is priced at $1,625 at Net-A-Porter, I couldn't help but wonder if maybe they're in on the joke too. Balmain is the nightlife equivalent of bottle service clubs. I worked for years at Cain which has now gone under. (No tears from me over the loss of another bottle service club in NY...death to em all!) Basically I got paid and given lots of free bottles to bring my friends and have fun so that the people beside me would see us and buy them at about $700 a pop. The waitresses then put on a whole show with fireworks in the bottles to make these guys feel like they're some sorta celebrity... As they got their bottles, my friends and I would secretly flash each other the L gang sign with our fingers...It meant Loser....If I see anyone wearing this t-shirt I will flash them a B...it means Balmain...Losers.

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