Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Function March 20

Dear NYC, I'm sorry I ever doubted you. I should have known that a monsoon would not have stopped you from a party. To all those who came out last week in the torrential rains. Thanks, so much!....and aren't you glad you did?! Twas a blast and so we're doing it all again tonight!! It was my hairdresser Brian's B-day and so they were all gonna come dressed in a plastic surgery theme. Of course, as always no but me dressed up...Speaking of, it's Saturday night and I have a party to to my dressing room to get ready!!This week my sis DJ Nita Aviance spins...>My hairdresser and the gang!With Bitches in The Sky creator Linda Simpson.Resident DJ and indeed a big part of my family....Michael Magnan.Beyond family since were stuck together daily! My roomie and photographer Jason The Black Teen Wolf with Axl Rose. Or maybe that's William.That's Louise. I actually think she's wonderful, I only look sad in the picture cause I found out she's straight. Trust me, I tried.
Gayletter is a hilarious weekly guide to cool gay realted art, culture and nightlife in NY. They came to my party the week before and had so much fun that they gave it a write up for this week. I've been a subscriber since day one and look forward to getting them each week subscribe to em, you won't regret it!!!...they gave my party a solid 4 out of 5 penises, not bad for a gurl whose dick is actually made of silicone! ;0

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