Friday, March 26, 2010

A night in the life of...

Just a regular night in Manhattan...Attended the opening of my old Toronto comrade Bruce LaBruce.
Then off I went to present an award at the Hookies. Yes, the Hooker cannot make this shit up folks!After this, you can tell by the pic that I'm already well on my way to total inebriation....but that didn't stop me from going off to terrorize the East Village.
Woke up the next morning with a hangover, naked and covered in lube. Wait a minute...did I?!....Then I remembered I was wearing a latex skirt. Latex is nothing without lube.

Latex skirt custom made

Last year I also presented an award at the hookies and this is a vintage LALALA I wrote about it, which also happened to mention Bruce. A coincidence that brings us full circle to this year!

She only works from 2 to 5...Her name is 'Belle De Jour'....A Bunuel classic that will not let you look at horse drawn rides in Central Park the same ever again!...Catherine Deneuve giving you the classic case of the housewife/whore. Luckily the gays are not so in the closet about their Hookin Hustlas....An award show much like the Golden Globes in your pants, I have been asked to present an award for the HOOKIES...also known as the 2009 Rentboy Escort Awards!
Nothing makes nice suburban Jewish parents prouder then having their daughter send them pictures of herself in the back of her local gay magazines. Except for that when you flip over my pics, there's usually an ad for "Pablo" 10 inch uncut Cuban.... Thank you Castro! I think I'm gonna order in delivery of a hot Cuban sandwich for lunch!... But what my tarty tastebuds are really craving is French.... Like a plate of steak frites washed down with a glass of white is French powerbottom porn star extraordinaire Francois Sagat. Not surprisingly he's nominated for two awards this evening, best tattoos and the highly coveted award for best ass. Yes, his fade hairstyle is tattooed on his head, yes, that's him in all the Bernard Wilhelm pics, yes his rendition of Britney's Spears "Gimme More" while brushing his teeth is a youtube sensation...What does one say when they finally meet their favourite gay porn offer to fuck them of course! I mean what was I to say when he made mention of wanting to try doing some straight porn ....I was cool as his cucumber but he seemed quite nervous and in his charming French accent he responded "oh mais no no no I will fuck the will be a man....and a woman!...Normal huh? Way to make my silicone strap on go limp. Moments like those remind me I won't be starring in the sequel to "Hustler White" anytime soon. Caught some where between Bunuel and Bruce La Bruce I'm sure there is a film in there somewhere for me. Maybe I should just stay home and order in...I still feel like French... or maybe I should order myself out.......move over Deneuve here comes the Belle De Nuit.

Besos Y Brujas,

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