Sunday, March 7, 2010

Westwood the witch

In the summer I finally got my ass over to Engalnd. Upon arrival my host asked me what I most wanted to see. "Vivienne Westwood" I replied. Then what? she asked. I hadn't thought that far ahead. A pair of booties and a fabulous top later and I was one happy Lady. The fact that we don't have a Westwood store in NY is grounds for bumping us down a notch on the list of world's best cities. The recent collection was one of my faves in a while. All the classic westwood blanket style masses of fabric that are a perfect mix of volume and tailoring, the whimsy of extended webbed gloves and crowns that belong at a children's birthday party in a classic westwood reference to monarchy, and right up the Ladyfag alley, a beautiful genderfuck of women with little moustaches. Strangely at the end of the show a real cat was thrown at her, she picked it up and confirmed what I already knew. The woman's a witch....and I am under her spell! Pics from

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