Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Lady in the Fag

While it's true I can be a bit more of a fag and not quite Ladylike at times...I much more Lady on the inside then people would ever suspect...I did a shoot in my home with photographer Veronica Ibarra. I agreed to do it when I looked at her blog and saw her references overlap a facet of me that I don't usually bring to the outside world... Magical collaborations can happen unexpectedly when two girls get together, laugh, listen to Chavela Vargas and talk passiontly about the things they love...I sold vintage clothing and antiques for 10 years...I kept most of my Victorian pieces like this jet beaded velvet cape, the combs in my hair are old celluloid ones that my dad has been buying me since forever. The backdrop is from my collection of handmade crochet and lace work...I tea dyed it myself...still don't believe I'm a Lady?!!Well then, welcome to my pale butter of a bedroom. It's sort of like a pretty doll house filled with my little beaded evening bags from the 20's, old religous Mexican folk art, Victorian whimsies and tiny bits of creepiness in between old woolen quilts...I bought the prate hat at a costume warehouse from old Broadway shows and the sailor suit is actually a bathing suit from about 1910 when wool nautical suits were au courant for the beach... But sometimes you just gotta buckle up your shoes leave the Lady at home and hit the dancefloor with the Fag!!!!.... Thanks Veronica, I loved working with you...


  1. wow wow wow mu jaw if dropping on the floor i am in love your so AMAZING IT HURTS :)


  2. THank you! it was soooo lovely to meet you and hang out and shoot... we're a match made in heaven! xxx

  3. holy shit... you are the definition of amazing

  4. You have such a good eye, I dont even think I can take it! So glad I found your blog!!!!!!!!