Monday, April 5, 2010


Some might say grunge died 16 years ago today with the death of Kurt Cobain. Others might argue it died in December 1992 with the infamous "Grunge and Glory" Vogue shoot by Steven Meisel. A young me bought that issue of Vogue and fell in love with Kristen McMenamy. She was my type of rebel, fashionable, beautiful, androgynous and while her fuck you was much subtler than Courtney Loves it sat well with me, as it does till this day. Kurt Cobain wouldn't have liked me....he liked girls like Courtney. I hated her cause she had Kurt, then years later I hated her cause I blamed her for his death, 15 years later I hated her cause we were hanging out at a party and she spilt her drink all over my new shoes. (For better or worse I love Courtney, and all of those reasons I hated her were ridiculous and unjustified, except the last one...they were YSL!) It's strange to think of all the time that's passed. In 91' Compact disc's were the new thing and Nirvana was the one of the first ones I ever bought. I watched the movie Slacker's and wanted to move to Seattle, but it had just as much to do with the fact that I wanted to wear floral baby doll dresses and fuck Matt Damon or Chris Cornell then ever wanting to sleep in a punk squat with dirty dogs, junkies and scabies. Grunge is dead, and I am no longer an angst riddled teenager, but who I grew up to be is something I think Kurt might have actually appoved of. He should, he helped inspire my teenage spirit and I think I turned out smelling pretty good....and if you don't get the reference...oh well whatever, NEVERMIND!allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"> This song and video will forever be the anthem of teenage angst....It sounds as true to me now as it did then... I wish I still had my old purple Doc Martens...R.I.P. Kurt.

UPDATE: I have just learnt that Lady Gaga is one of the headliners this year at Lolapalooza...Is nothing sacred?


  1. But it's still nice to have memories of it.
    I like the grunge spirit.
    This was a wonderful shoot McMeny is just perfection.