Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It's rarely a fine line between tacky gauche and classic chic. A quilted bag with the double C. CLASSIC. A T-shirt with the word Gucci emblazoned across the front. TACKY. Luggage monogrammed with LV. CHIC. Dolce and Gabbana in oversized diamantes lining the side of your sunglasses. GAUCHE... Pretty simple. So what to make of these contacts with gold flakes and a Christian Dior CD in the corner of your eye?....I just can't see which side of the fence they sit on...guess they left me blind.


  1. tacky in whole, but since it(logo) is so subtle, i'd wear them just to have shiny gold irises!


  2. Wow. Um... Power-branding? That just seems, how do you say.....intense/stupid/waste-of-money/ridiculous/odd/what-else? Needless to say, you'll probably see a few trustfunder wearing them in a year or two.