Monday, June 21, 2010

School's out for the summer!

I SAY YES: Today is the first day of summer!!! Even a vampire like myself can't resist picnics in the park, proseco on a patio, and summer's the only time that greeting 'Mister Softee' is a good thing! I just bought an old Schwinn and have been happily riding all over Brooklyn in old fashioned get ups! I bought her on the Lower East Side at the Hester Street Market so I named her Hester. After riding her back home across the Williamsburg bridge, my crotch was not as happy as I was, and she will forever be known as Hester the Molester.GOES WELL WITH: Noelia Carballo's beautiful pictures of young girls bathing in summer glow. The pics have something very Virgin Suicides about them. Sad summer beauty.
SOUNDTRACK: Let's go with the sad summer note and run..."The Saddest Summer" by the Drums. Which contrary to the name will put a big smile on your tanned summer face!

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