Wednesday, June 23, 2010


While plus size modelling is the new "big" thing on the lips of the fashion world, let's be honest, thin will always be in, in the fashion world. Karl Lagerfeld, the most infamous fat hater even used full figured model Crystal Renn to walk Chanel's current resort show..But hey even McDonald's is chicer in France... This sweet commercial of a gay boy still trying to come out to his dad will not be run in the US because McDonalds claims the US has different "cultural norms". So while Mcdonald feels gay is ok in France, all they've left us is the great cultural norm of an obesity problem. Like I said, good thing that modelling has gone the way of Mc's fries...super sized. Well that just upped the ante and gave us the gayest McDonalds commercial ever made....for which there is no cuuuure!

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  1. We are all fat-haters deep down. McDonald's reject is delightful. - Fevah! And the African lady impersonation is spot on. =D