Saturday, June 26, 2010

Season of love

When you went to school, your teachers lied to you. They told you there was only four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. They neglected to tell you about Resort. This year the Resort collections grew in numbers and it's becoming one of the most fabulous of seasons. Givenchy really turned me out with their beautiful Frida inspired take. Which brings me to Celine, who unknowing to them, reminded me of Frida. While the collection as a whole is not really my thing, I loved their two piece cotton pantsuits, and it reminded me of an amazing picture of Frida wearing a Mao suit. Celine named the look "utility-chic". That would've made Chairman Mao quite proud, and for the same price I could go to China myself to see him and buy it in the market..Even the simplest of looks...God that woman knows how to wear clothes!! Back to resort, the real standout this season was Lanvin. Here's some of my favourites and I would wear any and all of the shoes! Alber Elbaz not only has a beautiful vision, but he himself is always sweetly humble as he humoursly explained how women need options, showing how many of the outfits can be worn upside down and inside out. Remember in school when they made you put your coat on the ground and stick your arms in it and flip it on so you'd be wearing the right way? They lied to you again.

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