Monday, June 21, 2010

Will Munro

After my parents, there are few people in this world who can truly say they shaped who I am today. Will Munro is one of those people. Will is also the reason I have not blogged in so long. Will Munro passed away a month ago today and left behind a broken hearted city and a broken hearted Ladyfag. It is not only in his passing that I've tried to explain to people what he means to me but for some reason I have always used him as an example of a way of life and where I come from. While I'm pretty good at being gay all on my own, it is he who taught me what it means to be Queer. A one man walking Queer revolution, he changed the entire landscape of a city. From his endless community work, to his well respected art career, to starting the most infamous queer dance parties in Toronto, to helping reinvent an entire neighborhood with the opening of "the Beaver" to his dedication to making everyone feel that being "Other" was the best way to be. He was much more than the sum of his p-arts, and his accomplishments have left an iconic legacy...He was also one of my best friends. I used to dance at his Vazaleen parties but the first time I ever did "drag" I was so nervous I thought I might vomit. I could see Will watching me from the wings. After the audience cracked their first laugh it was so on and they almost had to pull me off that stage. I ran off to hug the proudly waiting Will, and told him that I never knew how much I would love that. "I did, that's why I gave you the mic" He just said it quickly with a wink and ran off to DJ. So typical of a man who changed people's lives daily but was too humble and too busy with the next project to make it a big deal. Willus there are no words to do you justice ,but I will make up for it by the way I live my life everyday proudly being Other. That Other is you, and it's with me forever.The day after he left us, I decided I wanted to get Will's name tattooed on my finger. I wanted him to be with me always and as a reminder of the kind of person I want to be in this world. Of course the day I got it I took him dancing. Willus would have wanted just that!

I am at a loss for words. A whole city was not. The queer community in Toronto was at a standstill for Will and the tributes were large and full of rock and roll spirit. Here's our friend Bruce La Bruce's tribute to Will. read it, you'll learn alot about me if you learn about him...

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  1. Beautifully put. Toronto is a different city because of Will.

    Welcome back, Ladyfag! I missed your posts.