Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My way or the highway

Move over Ms. Moss there's a new Kate in town. Already worshipped by fashionistas worldwide, Elle's style director Kate Lanphear is the new face of Eddie Borgo's Jewelry line. An impeccable NYC match, Kate is aprime embodiment of what a NY downtown muse should be. Like attracts like and Borgo and Lanphear who are are friends, enlisted Keegan Singh who's never far from Kate's side to style the chic family affair. While his sites claim that it's "deeply rooted in punk ideologies" would have Sid Viscous rolling in his grave, the pieces available at Bergdorf Goodman thankfully left punks DIY sensibilities for fine craftmanship with a perfect balance of sleek and classic with street edge sensibility.Much like the Sex Pistols putting their spin on "My Way", Mr. Borgo captured NY's flavour. I'm just glad he did it 'his way' cause it works beautifully, and beats St. Mark's Street anyday.

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