Friday, July 23, 2010

Vienna Lifeball 2010

I was proud to once agin be a part of this years Lifeball charity event in Vienna. Since Sound of Music is still my favourite movie of all time I couldn't resist parading around Vienna in old fashioned frocks. We went to the most fabulous of antique markets, and as mentioned in the post below I bought a heap of Afghan clothing. My favourite buy however was this wonderfully fake handpainted Gaultier purse. Look at the look on the kids face, even he knew it was Faulxtier. Klimt is Austian and is thus ubiquitous there. His paintings have always been a soursce of inspiration and I was lucky enough to catch an exhibit of his work....I will be flipping Klimt inspired looks on the dancefloors soon!!
Here's the link to the little report I did for PAPER MAGAZINE.


  1. I love the work of Klimt. Ready the book "Klimt & Fashion".Very good.

  2. klimt is my all-time inspiration. that yellow dress of yours is GORGEOUS!