Friday, August 20, 2010

World's #1 cell phone model

I SAY YES:Christopher Lee Sauve, of the infamous 'Save Anna' T-shirts has another hit on his hand with his biting blood diamond Tee. GOES WELL WITH: After she got Tyra banned from walking in Chanel shows with her, we all learnt that the only thing that goes well with Naomi (besides Alaia, Christy and Linda) is...Naomi!! The "All Naomi" Issue is the only time I've ever bought Russian Vogue....I could look at her all day...Although her tantrums are a little less chic these days, I still find her more beautiful than ever. SOUNDTRACK: She helped make Freedom90 one of the most famous videos of all time, too bad she couldn't do the same for herself. Here's her 1995 flop, and unlike her Milli Vanilli ghost written book, she can actually sing!

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