Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sorry folks!

Hey folks sorry I haven't updated in a NY minute...Twas fashion week so please forgive as I was out all nights and yet sat there at fashion shows during the day. Let's just say the accessories I wore to the shows were hangovers! But I love the chic torture so I'm off right now to Milan to do it all over again!! I'll update everything when I come back....Fiorucci folks!! xx LF


  1. Hi darling,

    just to let you know that I have talked about you in my last article on http://pollynoir.blogspot.com

    I am totally in love with your blog and your universe.

    I wish you the best,

    Maxime, aka Pollynoir

  2. nice blog! I follow you..follow me too!


  3. Hey when you actually coming back girl?!

    - www.thehomosocial.com

  4. Ladyfag! Where out thou!? I just discovered the awesome splendid surreal oddity that is you! please get back to me, i promise you I'm not mental or anything! Caio!

  5. no more posts ? ou etes vous ? stéphane

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