Sunday, February 28, 2010

Testicular Trousers

Realizing it's a recession Isabel Mastache from Madrid is trying to corner a previously untapped fashion market...F To M tranny's worldwide are rejoicing.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

LaQuan Smith

I didn't get as excited this past fashionweek in NY as I usually do. Maybe it was McQueen's passing that turned me sad and cynical about fashion which is something that is usually akin to a happy drug high. Threeasfour brightened my day with their metallic darkness but I didn't understand everyone gushing about how Marc Jacobs didn't create a buzz and just went back to making clothes "It's refreshing to see something that isn't trying so hard to be new," said Jacobs and I thought yeah just what I need for inspiration...more of the same! I needed my jaded fashion heart to be moved a little, so it was the perfect time for me to discover LaQuan Smith. Nothing makes me happier than a classic NY fairytale come true, so lucky for LaQuan, Andre Leon Talley discovered him too, attended his first ever show and is singing his praises. Aptly called "Water goddess" it was awash with pale blues and nudes and vaguely Balenciagaesque. I first noticed his gold spiked catsuit on Rhianna, and through common friends fell on his twitter page and read "Mom is going to gag when she sees me in 6 inch Fendi heels on national TV" So he's a drag queen?! Not at all. He's a pretty NY fashion loving boy who galavants in skinny jeans and sometimes sports a good pump. Already a smile forming across my lips I read that he's only 21, was rejected from F.I.T. and Parsons, drafts his own patterns, cuts his own fabrics, and be still my heart...all from his bedroom in his grandmother's house in Queen's. For this collection Marc Jacob's sent models down the runway to the tune of "Somewhere over the rainbow", but somewhere in Queen's right now there's a young man singing "When you wish upon a star"...

Highbrow Cuntasia

When I was little there was a boy who used to call me Gargamel because of my plethora of eyebrows. Like most kids all I wanted was to belong and be picked for the cool team in gym class. Good thing I no longer have any interest in sports or fitting in, I now often paint my eyebrows in to make them seem even fuller. Every once in a while in the rushing frenzy of a photoshoot I hesitantly allow the groomers to convince me to bleach em and clip the wings. I did that yesterday but have nothing to fret now that Prada has these sick sunglasses with built in arched eyebrows....Get me a razor!! Like I didn't love them enough, they're in one of my favourtie colour combos. Black and nude makes me wet...Wait that didn't come out right... The whole collection was pretty fabulous and makes me want to be a 1960's librarian. Insert naught fantasy here.

Meanwhile back at the morgue...

Apologies for lack of bloggage lately but all week was photoshoot madness back at the morgue! Did I mention I live in a former mortuary? Full service in fact. In the basement there is still a woodshop except they no longer make coffins, and the only thing on view in the viewing rooms nowadays is me and my roomie. It also allows for great photoshoots since we have huge hallways that were built to allow for double gurney's....creepy cuntasia!! The pics don't come out for a while, but I'll give you guys a little sneak peek here.... Yup there's my beloved hairstylist
Brian Buenaventura ...and yes that's a vintage Mugler coat I got to wear but sadly not keep Everyone's been cursing the snowstorm that I dreamed of....the shoot was based on a tale I weaved about Snegrouchka the Russian snow maiden meeting Anastasia the last Tsarina of Russia....I needed snow and it fell....that was the only clear path, wait till you see the pics of me trudging through the snow in those 6 inch Dsquared platform sandals that were a size too small....the things we'll do for the perfect pic! This is from the shoot from earlier in the week. See how my strap is cut....Probably Brian the torturer! Brian had a great idea for a hair do that practically caused my scalp to bleed....but it looked major! In his complete defense, he warned me it was stirctly editorial and that I shouldn't go out in it after. He knew I wouldn't that good is meant to hit the town!The whole hair doesn't fit in the pic, it was at least 10 inches free standing off my head...Brian should really consider consider a career in architecture. 2 aspirins washed down with a vodka soda later and I could barely hear my scalp screaming. Off to the Oak party with Michael Magnan. Here's a little video he snapped on his phone at the end of the night when things were a little blurrier...

LATE AT NIGHT (Ladyfag) from michael magnan on Vimeo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Siouxsie goes to Africa

I went to a lovely dinner party at Kehinde Wiley's house this weekend. Kehinde's large and luscious paintings depict African American men dressed in urban street wear posed in traditional European portraiture style, bordering on Renaissance with backgrounds of richly coloured painted wallpapers and tapestries.Here's these awesome shoelaces he did as part of his ongoing collaboration with Puma, also in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program. I might not seem like a shoelace laden sneaker pimp, but I am a full Adidas gurl!....A.ll D.ay I. D.ream A.bout S.ex....Yes, that is an original Adidas cap sleeve gymynastics onepiece! I love the mix of different prints and decided to use Kehinde's work as inspiration for my look for the Sunday night parties I host. Maybe I shouldn't have started listening to Siouxsie, she started to creep into my look....This is what happened....I'm wearing a Romeo Gigli scarf as as a top, tucked into a white belt from Acne with a YSL Mombasa belt hanging front. A piece of african fabric is wrapped around my head with an obi by Sohung designs keeping it in place. I wore my new mile high shoes that we're a gift by designer Hernan Lander (gracias!!!) with my favourite Dior Rasta socks. We don't have a Dior store in Toronto so years when I was still a visitor to NY I came and snatched em up! Between my heavy necklace made of bone, my arms bangled to the hilt and my wooden shoes I probably weighed more than Rosie O'Donell..... "Are you fat because you're a lesbian, or are you a lesbian because you're fat?" Marjorie Dawes of Fat Fighters to Rosie on Little Britain.

Special thanks to Marco Ovando not only for the pics of me above but for the hundreds you've taken over the years....We've had great memories, thanks for capturing them. xo

Friday, February 19, 2010

Buttered biscuits

DJ Larry Tee introduced me to this video by Femme En Fourrure....oooh bitch I love me them Plump Biscuits....CUNTASIA!

I pity the fool

I pity the fool who messes with Mr. T....DJ Larry Tee that is. Larry has helped teach the supermodels of the world to WERK! while he's no Ms. Jay model walker, he did co-write Ru-Pauls top smash hit Supermodel (You better work!) He also coined and trademarked the word "electroclash", brought the world W.I.T. , and has all the gays singing about Amanda Lepore's Pussy. He also makes a mean soy cappucino so lucky for me he's my neighbour or at least he was, before he hauled ass over to London. He's in town right now so I trudged over in the snow. Saw this taco truck on the way....LIES!Me and Larry giving inflight realness on the way to Vienna....
I was lucky enough to be spoiled by Larry's beats every week when we worked together at Bank. I miss ya Larry, I'm gonna trade in our cappuccino's for a cup o' tea in london for a visit with ya soon....Innit!Over coffee he showed me his collection of new amazing glasses from Australian brand Graz.Larry wears his glasses one at a time, I on the other hand can't always decide so I go for more of a menage a trois des lunettes.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I ain't buying it

It's fashion week. Think about what you're buying and make informed responsible choices. Misogyny and Homophobia are never fashionable.....I guess Docker's never received the memo.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Milagro miracles

Milagro is Spanish for miracle. In mexico these little charms are called milagros and are usually made to resemble body parts, cars, houses and little people. Sometimes you can find strange ones like guns and cameras...
Traditionally people pin them on boards in churches next to their saints asking for help with a possible ailment for certain body parts, help with financial woes, hearts for love problems or others as thanks for miracles the saint has already bestowed upon them.
I have these large tin milagros I bought in Mexico City hanging on my wall. Last week I needed something to finish my look for a party I was hosting, so I wretched them off their nails and voila, turned them into earrings...The real milagro is coming up with a different look for every party I go to...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keith Haring

When you're young you always think about "what do I want to be when I grow up?" When the Challenger blew up I proudly declared I would be an astronaut, when Cyndi Lauper was queen I didn't want to be a pop star per se, I just wanted to be punk and dye my hair lots of colours. My family used to drive cross country so at the post secondary school fair when all the girls came home with model and acting school pamphlets, I came home with a truck driving application that my parents quickly hid from me. I then went through a phase where I was obsessed with Warhol, Basquait, Haring and the NY scene and wanted to move to the East Village. The phase ended, but in a ironic full circle I now live in NY, and just hosted a party for the new Keith Haring line by the fabulous NY firecrotch Ms. Pat Field! Susanne Bartsch-orama...on the mic.
It felt like a blast from NY's club kid past...people were pumping looks! Brandon Olson and Kenny Kenny Rainblo and Edris. Paul Alexander and Muffinhead.Let's play original club kid Where's Waldo...or should I say where's Zaldy, which is sort of the same thing....I could spot his beautiful long tresses from miles away.
Zaldy now rarely has time for clubbing since he's busy designing for the best. He made all the clothes for Michael Jackson's last tour. Here are some of the pieces that now sadly sit in museums. The mannequins were amazing.
I thought this one was a mannequin till he started voguing!
Me and the oh so handsome Jean-Marc of Indochine. You can buy this original Keith Haring that was discovered by construction workers behind concrete. This was made in the days when artists could actually afford to live in Tribeca which is now the most expensive zipcode in NYC. The catch is that it can't be removed from the wall. So the piece is gonna set you back a cool $13.25 million. Loft included. I think I'll just stick with buying one of the fabulous plastic Keith Haring clutches from Pat Field's....$80 seems like a steal compared to the loft.

So I stole most of the images from NY Metromix and a few from facebook. I never bring a camera to parties cause I'm usually too busy to remember to snap pics. This makes me a horrible blogger but a fabulous party host!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashion Week

I would have loved to have been invited to Marc Jacobs and Rodarte, but alas I was not! Been running to a few shows here and there but in true Ladyfag style I just go the afterparties! When the weeks over I'll give a little rundown on some of my favourite shows, but In the meantime here's a few pics of me at some shows. At the Tim Hamilton presentation, where I thought the army boots we're amazing. They had little shards of what look like glass glued all over and then painted black. The pic is sorta major since I pulled it off of the Japan Vogue website and they even linked it to my little blog...CuntASIA realness!! This pic is also from that show but it came from Diane Pernet's Shaded View Quite appropriate since my head wrap has a very Diane sorta air to it. Here's a pic Bryanboy snapped of me and Henry Holland. Baboosh as he would say! Henry if you're reading this I loved the boots but they are all sold out at Seven. A shameless hint. The boots are actually Atalanta Weller for House of Holland. Check out her other ones HERE, They're so sick! Here's a pic of me and JoJo of The Ones. Remember the song Absolutely Flawless...yup that's them. He was doing a McQueen inspired lip tribute which I had done a version of a few months ago.
There's me in the car trying to get to the Camilla Staerk show, but my hair, hat, ribbon configuration didn't quite fit in the car. My poor neck. That's the back of my Kimono, I love all the embroidery. Blogger meets blogger. The infamous Tavi. I went to say hello and to do a pic together but right away she just wanted pictures of my headpiece....She's got a fashion focused one track mind! She's really sweet to talk to, although I wish we were sitting down to rid us of the laughable height issues. The pic is from Garbage Dress which is a great blog by the amazing Zana.
Fashion week continues, I gotta go run and get dressed. Being fashionably late is one thing but I've missed a few shows cause The Florence and the Machine has been blasting and I lose all sense of time and get lost playing with all the conflama in my dressing room.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. -Lao Tzu

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's all the rage

After all the sadness of the past few days of mourning I needed a good laugh. I found one with feet attached. Cause if you hadn't yet heard "Footed PJ's for women are all the rage" Fashion week ain't got nothing on this pink marshmallow hug....introducing the Hoodie-Footie Snuggle Suit.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Long live McQueen

This is not a fashion blog, I don't have to report coverage, break news and talk about the tailoring. There are plenty of blogs who do so and I follow them religiously. I sit with friends dissect shows and flip trough countless pages of overpriced magazines. I don't need to bore you with all that but I do however talk sometimes (ok maybe i do quite a abit) about fashion here because it's a big part of my life. I didn't realize just how much I talked about McQueen these past few seasons till the morning he died and I woke up to so many condolonces, as though he were part of my family. As a person, he was neither family nor friend, as an artist he was a big part of my life and endless inspiration to me. NY fashion week fills me with a desire to empty my pocket book and a hangover from one to many fetes. But while there is always a million little things I covet and always good fashion I am rarely left breathless. Like my life, I like my fashion in extremes. I want magic, fantasy, and dark fairy tales, I like to have eyes widened and my heart left racing. I'm a Mugler, Galliano, Gaultier, Givenchy, Westwood kinda girl... I'm a McQueen queen. On Sundays I host a party right near the McQueen store and so just a few days ago before going in to my party I went by the window and snapped this pic on my phone.Here's the same window a few days later.Paying my respects. Special thanks to my amazing hairdresser
Brian Buenaventura who thought it would make me feel better to pay homage the way I love to most and helped brush away some sadness.